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Butterfly Valley

Great Views
Great Views

The Butterfly valley is one of the finest coves in Turkey and lies at the bottom of a deep valley. Beginning in the Spring, you can see more than 40 species of butterfly,including the tiger butterfly, for most of the year. The Butterfly Valley is one of the most striking locations in Fethiye. Declared a first degree national heritage site on February 8, 1995, the Butterfly valley is closed to future development. Once you go through the arduous climb over the rocks and through the pines, you can see that billions of butterflies cover the rocks, the trees and the leaves like a blanket.

You don't notice it at first, because it seems as if the butterflies are part of the terrain. However, just one sound sends the butterflies flying. They cover the sky and a shadow sets on the valley. In order to get to the Butterfly Valley, you should first go to the Blue Lagoon. You can take a cab, or a sea shuttle. At night, you can whether sleep with your sleeping bag or turn back with the boat since there are no facilities at the Butterfly Valley. During the summer, there are a few makeshift establishments that offer basic amenities.

We recommend that only athletic people with a little experience in trekking try to climb up the valley, and go no further than the first waterfall. Confident climbers who cannot resist the siren call of the valley and who go further will see the magnificent view that we just described.

Our 4-star hotel Club Orka Hotel & Villas is located in Ovacık. The hotel is 6 km from Fethiye, which is famous for its historical buildings and magnificent gulf, 700 m from the bustling streets of Hisarönü, and 4 km from Turkey's most popular and best known beach, Ölüdeniz. It sits on 20.000 m2 of land.

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