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Frequently Asked Questions

General :
 At which website can I leave my comments ?
A. Please write to [email protected] with your comments and recommendations. If you have a hard time sending your comments, rest assured that we will always take into account your direct and brief e-mails.
Q. Where can I leave my past comments and recommendations ?
A. Please send your comments and recommendations on the feedback form. Please ensure that you press send.
Q. Who should I contact for my requests and recommendations ?
A. Please call our Public Relations office or e-mail [email protected] with your comments and recommendations.
Q. How can I learn more about Club Orka or Orka Real Estate ?
A. For more information and to learn about our services, please visit
Q. How can I learn more about your private villas and apartments ?
A. For more information and to learn about our services, please visit

 When are the check-in and check-out times ?
A. We usually do check-ins after 14:00 and check-outs after 12:00.
Q. Can I check-in early or check-out late ?
A. Our guests are usually placed on a list early in the morning. Guests who are checking in are advised to find out about their hotel room before they check in if they are checking in early. Guests who are checking out late might be charged extra.S. Does your hotel have any rooms that are connected to one another ? 
C. There are no rooms in our hotel that are connected to one another by default. However, if you do have such a request, please let us know when you are making your reservation. If we have such rooms available, we will be happy to offer them to you.
Q. Does your hotel have safety deposits ?
A. There are safes in every hotel room & villa.You can also reserve safes by asking at thereception.

Internet :
Does your hotel have Internet access ?
A. You can enjoy free wireless internet at the common areas of the hotel.Tour & Transfer :
Q. Does your hotel have shuttles for travel to and from the town center ?
A. Unfortunately, we do not offer a shuttle service. However, there are cabs and public shuttles that you can take to markets or shopping as well as to the Blue Lagoon, Hisarönü and Fethiye. Children :
Q. Will the children have a good time at your hotel ?
A. Your children are accompanied by dedicated personnel and can enjoy children's activities and other various activities.Reservations :
Q. How can I make a reservation over the Internet ?
A. In order to make a reservation, please go to our webpage and click the reservations button.
Q. How can I change or cancel a reservation ?
A. You can change or cancel a reservation on our website. You can also e-mail us or use the reservations section for changes and cancellations.
Q. Why do I need to use a credit card for my reservations ?
A. Credit card information is required for reservations. Credit card information is necessary only to
fill out the form, and we guarantee not to charge any fees to your card.Location :
Q. Where exactly is your hotel located ?
A. Club Orka Hotel & Villas is at the Ovacık District, Ölüdeniz, Fethiye Muğla / TURKEY
Q. What is your hotel address ?
A. Address: Orta mahalle Ovacık köyü Club Orka Hotel & Villas Ölüdeniz-Fethiye- Muğla.PK: 48340
Q. Is the tap water potable ?
A. No, tap water is not potable. However, it is clean enough for washing your face,taking a shower or brushing your teeth.

Our 4-star hotel Club Orka Hotel & Villas is located in Ovacık. The hotel is 6 km from Fethiye, which is famous for its historical buildings and magnificent gulf, 700 m from the bustling streets of Hisarönü, and 4 km from Turkey's most popular and best known beach, Ölüdeniz. It sits on 20.000 m2 of land.

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