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Turkish cuisine, foods and drinks for feeding the people living in Turkey, their preparation, cooking, conservation, the necessary tools for these operations - materials and techniques in food All manners of eating, and evolving practices and beliefs is all around the kitchen. Several factors can influence richness of Turkish cuisine bağlıdır.Kısa kind words, Central Asia and Anatolia lands offer diversity, different from each other for a long historical process the interaction of many cultures, Seljuk and Ottoman empires,such as the palaces developing new flavors,cuisine culture played a role in winning the new structure. Turkish cuisine, as well as to their compliance with the tastes of the richness and many kinds of food and healthy and balanced diet and vegetarian cuisine, with the type of food may be a resource contains examples.

General Specifications
Turkish cuisine and the Turks for many years, due to be retained under the control path of spice Earth One of the most sophisticated cuisines. Spices, such as meat sauce makes for long life requirement to be convened. Have had fertile lands suitable for agriculture and Turks, for livestock, and there are a variety of vegetables as well as meat-eating. At the Asia built-in properties of the culinary culture of the Turkish layout and interactions during migration and agricultural economic structure of the communities located along the routes of migration, impact on Turkish food. Families' socio - economic levels of differentiation based foods are usually. Interaction and influence them in terms of variety of food, there are other cultures.

Ottoman Palace Cuisine Once upon a time, from Asia to Anatolia flowing to the Turkish tribes of ancient civilizations A mastery of the rich culture of the lands of the Far East and the road length, they are passing by had shifted from country to enrich their material. During this movement, of course the kitchen they give to the culture of the place. Starving, feed, clothe nudes, yıkılanları do, make people very little migration, such as the sacred procession, which set out öğütlerle tasks in the new country, so they reported. Here, after many years of Ottoman culture and the culture of Anatolia and Thrace is an important emerging forming part of the historical accumulation of Asian Turks along with the kitchen and dining etiquette has occurred, evolved and became famous.

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